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KADS Truck ‘N’ Diesel was established in 1999 and is proudly SA owned and managed business. Our team of qualified mechanics are fully experienced in all facets of truck, bus and 4WD’s diesel engine and repairs.

KADS prides itself in its quality workmanship, thorough work procedures, customer first approach to service and competitive prices. We use quality parts and products in our workshop from our many reputable suppliers.

To find out more about our services, or to book your vehicle in for repairs with dedicated team, contact us by phone or email.

All our work is carried out in our large workshop and we also have a breakdown mobile unit.

We’re able to conduct Heavy Vehicle Brake Roller testing and Suspension Shaker in our workshop.


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Lot 55 Stockwell Road
Angaston SA 5353
Barossa Valley

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PO Box 313
Angaston SA 5353

Email: kads@kadstruckndiesel.com.au


About Us

KADS Truck ‘N’ Diesel is a South Australian owned, family run business, dedicated/devoted to providing a high standard of service and maintenance to the trucking industry.

KADS Truck ‘N’ Diesel was established in 1999 started with Kym the owner, as a hard working and experienced Diesel Mechanic taking pride in his work and satisfaction of fulfilling repairs and overhauls on trucks.

From small beginnings to a full running truck and heavy vehicle workshop with up to date modern equipment in all areas of truck repairs and servicing and testing.

Specialising in engine, transmission and driveline overhauls. All our work is carried out by experienced qualified mechanics with a high standard of workmanship. We have a reputable name in the industry and across South Australia.

We relish to any challenge in diagnosing and problem solving. Our services are affordable and competitive, and our work is thorough, and we won’t rest until your work or vehicle is back on the road.

We can help to organise and minimise breakdowns by helping to implement a maintenance programme with your business to keep making a profit.

Keeping you and your business on the road is KADS priority.

KADS Truck N Diesel has easy access. It is located on the freight route in central Barossa Valley allowing good access for heavy vehicles.

In 2019 we celebrated our 20th anniversary of being in business and proud of its success and achievements. We look forward to many more years of business in the future.





4 Wheel Drives

  • Truck, Bus & 4WD Servicing
  • Heavy Vehicle Service and Repairs
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Pre-Inspections
  • Mandatory Bus Inspections
  • Wide Range of Truck Spare Parts
  • Electrical work
  • Electronic Engine Diagnostics
  • Air Conditioning
  • Suspension Shaker Testing
  • Brake Roller Testing
  • Hydraulic Hose Repairs
  • Hydraulics
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Mobile Workshop Van
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Truck Restorations
  • Exhaust repairs and replacement
  • Truck washing bay, fully enclosed (environmentally friendly), steam cleaner
  • Brake Overhauls
  • Road Ranger / Gearbox Overhauls
  • Final Drive Overhauls
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Trailer Servicing and Repairs

We work on all makes and models of vehicles, including:























Logbook Servicing

Your vehicle is the lifeblood of your business; when it’s off the road, your business grinds to a halt. When buying a new vehicle, a warranty is an important safeguard against unforeseeable problems with your new investment.

To maintain your new vehicle’s warranty, it’s required to have your vehicle undergo regular logbook services. While many think these logbook services must be done by the manufacturer’s service department, a reputable workshop like KADS Truck ‘N’ Diesel can perform logbook services and save yourself the trip back to the dealership.

We can conduct logbook services on a wide range of vehicles, including heavy trucks and trailers, light commercial vehicles and passenger cars. Contact us today to make a booking for your vehicle.

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Engine Repairs

KADS Truck N Diesel specialise in diesel engine repairs and overhauls. KADS can give your engine a new lease of life, whether your engine is a single cylinder diesel or a Kenworth 500 H.P. Cummins, Detroit or Caterpillar.

KADS is more than qualified to get your engine running smooth and efficiently. KADS pride themselves to be very thorough and guarantee their workmanship. Keeping your engine running healthy is good for your business. KADS can carry out engine tune-ups to keep your engine running fuel efficient.

KADS is happy to give a quote on any engine overhauls and recommendations.

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Difficulty changing or staying in gears or unusual noises or smells from under your truck or 4WD. These are all warning signs of potential trouble in your vehicle’s transmission or gearbox. If left to develop, it can affect your vehicles performance at higher speeds, ruin your vehicles ability to maintain consistent speed or even reverse, or even prevent your vehicle from starting at all.

Our mechanics can service your vehicle’s entire drive train from the clutch pedal to complete rebuilds of your 4WD gearbox to truck Road Ranger transmissions.

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Cooling System

Keeping your vehicle’s engine cool is essential to proper vehicle health; an overheating engine can lead to all sorts of disastrous faults, potentially taking your vehicle out of action entirely.

We at KADS can provide a comprehensive range of cooling system repairs, from replacing cracked or leaking hoses and valves to swapping out faulty thermostats and repairing or replacing your vehicle’s radiator and heater units.

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Your trucks’ brakes are your vehicles most important safety feature and also the parts of your vehicle most prone to high wear and tear. With the amount of weight behind you at the wheel, you simply can’t take a chance on poorly performing brakes.

If you notice a lack of stopping power at your brake pedal, you should have your vehicle booked in for a brake check as soon as possible. Have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in good hands.

KADS Truck N Diesel can provide your vehicle with a complete service and repairs of your brakes from replacing components with top quality parts and confirming the vehicles brake efficiency and operation with a Brake Roller testing and presented with a NHVR approved Brake Pass Certificate.

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Steering and Suspension

The right suspension solution is critical to any truck or vehicle capable of carrying loads. Being able to mitigate the weight of your pay load and the road surface while also providing a smooth comfortable ride for drivers, requires precise engineering and maintenance.

The experienced team at KADS can service your vehicle’s suspension systems. Carrying out tests and checks on up to date suspension shaker equipment. Giving precise and accurate results of condition of vehicles suspension. KADS can repair and rebuild suspension with top quality components on all makes and models of trucks, buses, trailers and 4WD’s. KADS has a wide range of suspension springs, air bags and shockers in stock for quick turn around to keep your vehicle on the road.

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Diagnostics & Auto Electrical

A dashboard’s array of warning lights can indicate developing problems in critical areas of your vehicle. Unfortunately, these aren’t always clear when it comes to pinpointing exactly what problems they’re indicating; a warning light may be lit because of an actual vehicle fault, or simply because of an issue with a gauge or wiring.

We’re equipped with the latest in diagnostic tools and are able to isolate and repair faults in your vehicle’s auto-electrical system, or perform follow-up work on problem areas in your vehicle. We can also provide replacement batteries and other auto-electrical parts, as well as install new lighting solutions and other accessories.

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Air Conditioning

Driving without working air conditioning is uncomfortable for a regular driver – for a truck driver, it’s unliveable.

Here at KADS we can fully repair your air conditioning, starting by replacing faulty compressors, condensers, and cracked tubing and seals, and finally recharging your system with refrigerant gas once we’re certain it’s airtight.

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4×4 Services & Repairs

We also work on a range of 4WD vehicles, covering many popular models from Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Holden, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Fiat, Chrysler, Land Rover, Chevrolet and more.

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Contact Us

Address: 1 Heuritsch Lane, Angaston SA 5353
Barossa Valley

Also known as

Lot 55 Stockwell Road, Angaston SA 5353
Barossa Valley

Post: PO Box 313, Angaston SA 5353

Phone no: 08 8564 2470

Email: kads@kadstruckndiesel.com.au

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Lot 55 Stockwell Road, Angaston SA 5353